To get the formalities out of the way, in 2012 I graduated from film school with honors in Sacramento, acquiring my Bachelor of Science Degree in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. Three months later, I moved down to Los Angeles to pursue my love of film and photography.

And my oh my how I have changed.

In the last 6 years of shooting both photos and video as a full-time freelancer, I've discovered just what it is that I like to do most and how I like to do it. More than anything, I like to capture real moments that resonate with people. I like shooting beautiful campaigns that encapsulate what a brand is about at its core. I like communicating with clients about what it is that I can do to ensure all imagery in on-message and achieving what is intended. And I also like dogs, but we can talk about that in person.

I'm a man of many trades, with skills in photography, cinematography, directing, editing, retouching, writing, motion graphics, web design and graphic design. Many would say I'm too scattered for it, but I embrace it because I don't see anything wrong with creating on all fronts. And I also know my capabilities and am not afraid to speak up when there's something outside of my capacity.

All that being said, I love to travel, seek out delicious restaurants and see way more movies than is necessary. So let's chat, and even if the right opportunity doesn't arise for us to work together, we'll still have tons to talk about.