Sacramento Product Photography


What is Product Photography?

Product photography is a branch of commercial photography that highlights and shows products or items in motion or standing still. These images are then mostly used in product catalogues, brochures, websites and wherever the client wants to showcase their work.

Most people run into problems when trying to be a product photographer and inability to shoot their items due to the following inabilities:

  • To represent the product without distortion

  • To represent the product in good lighting, with soft shadows and no identifiable reflections

  • To photograph a range of products rapidly, one at a time, so that the shadows and light are consistent

  • To be able to create the above photos in a timely fashion and shoot hundreds of items

People also run into extreme difficulty when shooting transparent products, chrome and other highly-reflective products, as well as products which are white or black.

Why Marcus Meisler Photography?

Take a look at some of my product photography below:

Method Cleaning

I worked with Method Products on a product photography campaign. The client wanted to have their products featured in a bright and aesthetic way. They wanted the photos to show clean but approachable products that looked fun in the house to use.


Perricone MD

I work with Perricone MD regularly in shooting a large portion of their online and social marketing imagery. The styles of photos I capture for them varies greatly, ranging from bright, natural lifestyle photography to highly editorial campaign-worthy images. I collaborate regularly with their marketing team to conceptualize and bring to life the creative vision of the company, ensuring that everything stays on brand and on trend. I source props, style them, light, shoot and retouch all images and GIFs I create for them, many of which have been licensed for use in stores like Macy’s and on packaging for companies like Influenster.


Honma Golf

Product shots for this Honma Golf Company. With these products photos, I had to use my skill to capture the reflective golf clubs, without getting my photography equipment in the shot.


Beauty by Earth

Beauty by Earth is an organic natural skin care line that wanted fresh and bright looking photography capturing their products in motion.