A Lot About Me


As a kid, the only two things I wanted to watch on the TV were Jim Carrey and horror movies. Being brought to tears with laughter, or being too terrified to turn the lights off when I went to bed – these were the two distinct feelings I became addicted to, and it wasn’t long before I was putting my family video camera to good use to try to evoke these in others. Strangely enough, my passion only grew, and by the time I finished high school, I knew I wanted to make comedies and horror films for a living. I followed that interest to film school on full scholarship in Sacramento, where I quickly became established as a jack-of-all-trades, known in particular for my ability to create innovative images that strike the viewer to leave a lasting impression.


My work attracted the attention of Fox Searchlight, who hired me straight out of college to be the storyboard artist for their film Baggage Claim, as well as the assistant to the director during pre-production. I also produced online marketing pieces for the film that were released on the film’s YouTube page, as well as the cast’s Instagram accounts. For Fox Searchlight’s “Black Nativity,” I produced two online marketing videos. I’ve also gone on a national tour with a stageplay titled “What My Husband Doesn’t Know,” starring Michelle Williams and Morris Chestnut. On tour, I created marketing videos for most of the 26-city tour, working side-by-side with writer and director David E. Talbert.


These experiences led me to appreciate the marketing side of film in addition to the films themselves. I get excited to see outcomes, turnovers and successful campaigns that put people into action, and I love working with other creatives to experiment with new and novel shots, edits, and narrative elements.


Today, I live in Los Angeles, where I work as a director, photographer, editor, and graphic designer, and I’m proud to say, my skills continue to improve exponentially on every level—possibly because when I get into a project (as my clients will testify), I obsess over it until it’s perfection. I love my work, and I’m excited about all the projects I get my hands on.


In the meantime, I continue to work toward my ultimate dream of becoming what I set out to do at age eleven: the incredibly noble goal of bringing people to tears from laughter and/or terror. :)